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A Really British Guide to English (Second Edition) – Digital Book

This is an all-you-need-to-know guide to the language and culture of the United Kingdom. Inside, you’ll find a huge A-Z dictionary of modern British English words and phrases. We then help you untangle those crazy British accents that you’ve heard but never understood. Once we’ve dealt with the language, it’s time for a little culture. From the unspoken rules of British pubs to our most famous TV catchphrases, we shine a light on what makes this country tick. So, whether you’re a language lover, a tea enthusiast, a Premier League football fan or simply someone who loves all things British, this is the book for you.


✔️ A one hundred and forty page A-Z dictionary of British English words and phrases. It includes regional variations and slang terms.

✔️ Sections on Cockney rhyming slang and modern London slang.

✔️ A guide to British accents with a deep dive into six of the most predominant.

✔️ A section on British vs World Englishes with a focus on USA and Australian vocabulary differences.

✔️ The best British TV shows to learn English

➕  loads of practice exercises and a quiz.


✔️ A guide to British food and drink.

✔️ A section on the must-know public figures in the UK.

✔️ 8 events that have shaped modern Britain.

✔️ Great British TV catchphrases.

✔️ A guide to all the big sporting and cultural events that take place in the UK.

➕  lots more.