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In this video, we’ll learn how to pronounce 25 of the most commonly mispronounced place names in the UK. They aren’t necessarily the hardest, just the ones that visitors seem to get wrong frequently. Please remember there are various accents in the UK that might say these names differently to me.

British Accents

20 British Accents in 1 Video

In this English lesson, we look at 20 different British accents and I try to help you identify them all by teaching you specific pronunication features of each one. This video is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the diversity of accents in the UK.

This is a guide to the accent of Liverpool – Scouse. It’s a melting pot of sounds heavily influenced by Irish immigration, Welsh English and Northern English dialects. It’s spoken by film star Jodie Comer, footballer Trent Alexander-Arnold and comedian John Bishop. Special thanks to @theredmentv for allowing me to use clips from their channel. If you want more examples of Scouse accents go check it out.

What Accents do the England Players Have?

We all know the names – Raheem Sterling, Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford, Jack Grealish! Amazing players BUT what accents do they have? In this video, I show you ALL the accents of the England men’s football team

Learn Emma Watson’s British Accent (HERMIONE) | Received Pronunciation

For Harry Potter’s fans and fans of Emma Watson this is a video all about her beautiful British accent. She speaks with received pronunciation or contemporary RP as it’s commonly known. This is PART 2 of the Received pronunciation series. In PART 1 we looked at the Queen’s English.

Learn Harry Styles British English Accent | Cheshire/Northern Accent

In this video we analyse the British English accent of Harry Styles and see how it has changed over the years as he has got more and more famous.

Learn Jodie Comer’s British English Accent | Scouse

Jodie Comer is the Queen of Accents. She is super talented but what does her natural accent sound like? If you’ve seen her in Killing Eve you might get a shock! In this video I break down her accent and show you all the pronunciation features that make it so unique.

Learn English with TV & Film

Learn English with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Learn English with Harry Potter in the first film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. We look at Harry Potter’s English accent, the accents of Hermione, Ron Weasley and Hagrid. We also look at some really useful vocabulary from the film.

Learn English with Downton Abbey | British Accents

Downton Abbey is a British historical drama set in the early 20th century. We use it to learn all about the difference between two British English accents: the traditional received pronunciation of Violet, the Dowager and the Yorkshire accent of Daisy.

Peaky Blinders Accents | Tommy Shelby (Brummy) & Alfie Solomons (Cockney)

Learn how to identify a Birmingham and Cockney accents with Netflix and BBC hit series Peaky Blinders.

Learn James Bond 007’s British English Accent | No Time to Die

The name’s Tom…Teacher Tom. License to teach. And today I’m going toteach you the accent of James Bond 007. I take clips from ‘No Time To Die’ and identify the main features of his accent. 

Britain vs America

10 British Words Americans Find FUNNY!

Here are 10 British words that Americans find hilarious, ridiculous and downright bizarre. Thanks to Jess from @Love and London for helping me to survey her American audience for these words. You’ll love learnign AND using these very British words. 

10 American Words That Completely Confuse Brits!

There are some American words that completely confuse us Brits. Sometimes it feels like a different language! So I have collected together 10 Americans that confuse British people the most. Some of them I had never heard before until researching for this video. If you know any other American English words that are confusing or if you are an American who find British words confusing, let me know in the comments below.

10 British Words That Confuse Americans

British English can be very confusing sometimes so today we’re going to look at 10 British words that confuse Americans…….and the whole world! These are all colloquial words and phrases which are informal so please remember that they shouldn’t be used in formal situations.

In this video, I’m joined by my friend and fellow YouTuber Jess to discuss 15 American English words and phrases that Brits do not understand. She’ll teach us what these phrases mean and their etymology. 

British life & culture

This is my list of the 22 things Brits love! From fish and chips to saying ‘sorry’, these are all quintessentially British. Can you add anymore to the list? I’d love you to share your ideas. 

My sister Annie and I took a trip to our favourite English seaside town Broadstairs to talk about what a typical day by the beach looks like in the UK. We discuss fish and chips, donkey rides and Charles Dickens.

What’s The Difference Between THE UK, BRITAIN AND ENGLAND?

Is London the same as England? Is Britain in the UK? Finally we end the confusion by learning the differences between England, Britain and The UK.

What Brits say vs what brits mean

Are British people rude or not? That’s the big question! In this video I’ll give you some excellent examples of how Brits appear polite….but we are actually quite rude hehe it’s a fun lesson and essential if you come to the UK.


36 English Words You Can’t Say Correctly!!!

I asked you guys which words you find impossible to say correctly and these are the 36 words you chose! From ‘crisps’ to ‘imperturbable’ we look at the most difficult English words to pronounce.

Did you know just 100 words make up 50% of English? That’s crazy, right? In this lesson, you’ll learn how to pronounce the 100 most common English words. This is essential for anyone who wants to take their English pronunciation to the next level. 

42 HARDEST London Underground Stations to Pronounce

When you visit London you’ll almost certainly use the London Underground also known as the Tube. So in this English lesson I show you how to say 42 of the hardest stations like a local

Friends | Intonation Lesson 

That episode where they get locked out of their apartment! Do you remember the one? Yeah, well today we are going to use it to learn about intonation and how to use it in your everyday English. Enjoy!

Understanding fast English speech is the hardest part of learning the language in my opinion. So in this video we are going to look at techniques to help you understand fast proficient speakers better. I use a clip of Ed Sheeran speaking on a British TV chat show . Enjoy!


19 Really British Words

These are 19 really British words that are going to make your English stand out from the rest. You’ll sound like a local here in the UK and you’ll boost your understanding of British TV programmes and films. Enjoy!

Learn 10 English Expressions | THE CROWN

The Crown is one of the most popular modern British TV shows. It’s all about the British Royal Family. In this video you will learn 10 fantastic English phrases that feature in the show. 

10 Words you only hear in London

This is a short guide to some great vocabulary you will only hear in London. From Cockney Rhyming Slang to Modern London Slang, the city has so many great words and phrases to help you sound like a local.

Learn 10 brilliant business idioms that will help you sound more professional at work. These idioms are so common in day-to-day business communications and they are so fun to use. Enjoy!