British Accents

20 British Accents in 1 Video

In this English lessons we look at 20 differnt British accents and I try to help you identify them all by teaching you specific pronunication features of each one. This video is perfect for anyone who wants to understand the diversity of accents in the UK.

Learn Emma Watson’s British Accent (HERMIONE) | Received Pronunciation

For Harry Potter’s fans and fans of Emma Watson this is a video all about her beautiful British accent. She speaks with received pronunciation or contemporary RP as it’s commonly known. This is PART 2 of the Received pronunciation series. In PART 1 we looked at the Queen’s English.

British English Accents | The Queen’s English Part 1

Learn how to speak like the Queen with this English pronunciation lesson. We look at the Queen’s English and all the pronunciation features that you need to know to speak like the Queen of England. Maybe you love British English or you want to understand The Crown! Well this is the video for you….enjoy!

How to Speak Like a POSH BRITISH Person

Have you ever wanted to sound like a posh British person? Like the Queen or a character from a Pride and Prejudice? Well this is the video for you. We look at the key pronunciation features that are needed to make a posh British accent.

Learn Harry Styles British English Accent | Cheshire/Northern Accent

In this video we analyse the British English accent of Harry Styles and see how it has changed over the years as he has got more and more famous.

Learn Benedict Cumberbatch’s British accent (Sherlock) | Received Pronunciation

Learn Benedict Cumberbatch’s British accent and how he changes it for his different movie roles whether it’s American English for Doctor Strange or received pronunciation for Sherlock. Enjoy!

Learn English with TV & Film

Learn English with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

Learn English with Harry Potter in the first film ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’. We look at Harry Potter’s English accent, the accents of Hermione, Ron Weasley and Hagrid. We also look at some really useful vocabulary from the film.

Learn English with Downton Abbey | British Accents

Downton Abbey is a British historical drama set in the early 20th century. We use it to learn all about the difference between two British English accents: the traditional received pronunciation of Violet, the Dowager and the Yorkshire accent of Daisy.

Peaky Blinders Accents | Tommy Shelby (Brummy) & Alfie Solomons (Cockney)

Learn how to identify a Birmingham and Cockney accents with Netflix and BBC hit series Peaky Blinders.

Learn English with First Dates | Best British TV Series

If you want to learn real natural English there are so many great TV shows to watch. One I recommend is British reality dating First Dates, it’s brilliant.

Britain vs America


Here are 8 American English words that are super rude when used in British English so please be careful when using them. This is part of my American English vs British English series.

10 American Words That Completely Confuse Brits!

There are some American words that completely confuse us Brits. Sometimes it feels like a different language! So I have collected together 10 Americans that confuse British people the most. Some of them I had never heard before until researching for this video. If you know any other American English words that are confusing or if you are an American who find British words confusing, let me know in the comments below.

10 British Words That Confuse Americans

British English can be very confusing sometimes so today we’re going to look at 10 British words that confuse Americans…….and the whole world! These are all colloquial words and phrases which are informal so please remember that they shouldn’t be used in formal situations.

20 Words Brits and Americans Say Differently

British English and American English share the same words but in many examples they are pronounced very differently. We look at 20 words that are said differently whether it’s because they have a different stress pattern, they have different vowel sounds or indeed different consonant sounds.

British vs American Slang 101

12 British vs American slang words you NEED to know! There’s also a fun little quiz at the end.¬†

Visit Britain

London Underground Guide with @Learn English with Papa Teach Me

This is the ultimate guide to using the London Underground for tourists visiting London. Aly from Papa Teach Me and I take journey on the Tube and we teach you guys all you need to know. We’ll show you how to use it, some important terminology and expert pronunciation.

What’s The Difference Between THE UK, BRITAIN AND ENGLAND?

Is London the same as England? Is Britain in the UK? Finally we end the confusion by learning the differences between England, Britain and The UK.


Brexit! Brexit! Brexit! It’s all anyone is talking about in Britain. Do you understand Brexit? It’s ok if you don’t because I’m not sure anyone really understands it. So I have made this English lesson for people who want to understand it better. Brexit explained in 13 words. Enjoy!


I am very proud to say that I can call London my home. I was born and bred here and through Eat Sleep Dream English I get to share this beautiful and dynamic city with you. In ‘London in 10 words’ i take you on a guided tour of London and teach you 10 super useful adjectives. You’ll see my favourite area of London, Primrose Hill and many other different and contrasting areas London has to offer. This is also the first travel vlog in my new series ‘Visit Britain’ in which I take you around my favourite places here. Please let me know if you enjoy it and if you’d like me to make more : )


36 English Words You Can’t Say Correctly!!!

I asked you guys which words you find impossible to say correctly and these are the 36 words you chose! From ‘crisps’ to ‘imperturbable’ we look at the most difficult English words to pronounce.

How to Pronounce R and L Perfectly | MY SECRET TRICK

The R and L sounds have been causing my students difficulties for years so I thought it was finally time to share my SECRET TRICK to pronouncing them correctly. It’s not easy BUT with meaningful practise you can do it. Let me know if you find this useful.

42 HARDEST London Underground Stations to Pronounce

When you visit London you’ll almost certainly use the London Underground also known as the Tube. So in this English lesson I show you how to say 42 of the hardest stations like a local

Friends | Intonation Lesson 

That episode where they get locked out of their apartment! Do you remember the one? Yeah, well today we are going to use it to learn about intonation and how to use it in your everyday English. Enjoy!

STOP SAYING ‘Comfortable’ Wrong + 9 Other Tricky Words

The word ‘comfortable’ has always been a difficult word for my learners to say so I thought it was time to show you guys how to do it. We also look at 9 other tricky words to say in English. These are all examples of elision which is when we remove sounds from words. In these words it is always a syllable in the middle of the word. Enjoy!


19 Really British Words

These are 19 really British words that are going to make your English stand out from the rest. You’ll sound like a local here in the UK and you’ll boost your understanding of British TV programmes and films. Enjoy!

A Z of the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the Coronavirus (Covid-19) spreading around the world, I thought it was time to teach the essential words and phrases to help you discuss this important topic in English.

10 Untranslatable Words from Around the World

This video is a celebration of 10 genius words from other languages that we don’t have in English. My wonderful Eat Sleep Dreamers sent me video messages teaching me words from their language and I wanted to share them with you here.

Learn 20 Phrasal Verbs in 5 Minutes

Phrasal verbs are super useful to learn and used all the time by proficient English speakers. Learn 20 new ones in under 5 minutes.