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With A Really British Guide to Business English, you’ll develop the language skills you need to communicate successfully in the modern workplace.


A Really British Guide to Business English – Digital Book

A Really British Guide to Business English is a comprehensive digital book designed to help English learners thrive in the workplace. It’s filled with modern business English vocabulary, cultural tips on working in the UK and practical mini-lessons, making it the perfect book for business professionals and language learners alike.  There is also an accompanying audio guide for all 555 words and phrases. 

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How is business English different?

For many learners, business English can sometimes feel like a totally different language to standard English. There are so many idioms and phrases that are specific to the world of work and if you don’t know them, you can feel lost and overwhelmed. Not only is there a whole new set of vocabulary to learn, we also have to think about the formality and tone of our words. We must consider the context we are in before making decisions on word choice and sentence structure. Getting the right tone is critically important in business communication and knowing how to write formally and informally will stand any learner in good stead. 

What’s inside this book?

Work Culture in the UK

A short briefing on the cultural do’s and don’ts of working life in the UK.

A-Z of Business English Words

A collection of 555 essential business English words and phrases you need to thrive at work.

Business Acronyms

A list of all the most commonly used business acronyms and initialisms.

Seventeen Mini-Lessons + Printable Exercises

A printable version of all the exercises featured on these mini lessons.

Use code BUSINESS20 at checkout.