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I’m so excited to launch my first ever online pronunciation course. I have incorporated all of my 15 years teaching experience into this course and I’m so proud of it. I have designed it so that you can take your English pronunciation to the next level and achieve your English language goals. It’s the definitive pronunciation course that covers every aspect of British English from modern RP to connected speech and so much more.

There are two packages: Standard and Super Dreamer. Both have lifetime access to the video content and PDFs. As a Super Dreamer, you will get private coaching from Teacher Tom during your course. During the course you’ll have three 20-minute one-to-one sessions with Teacher Tom. You’ll receive direct feedback on your pronunciation and actionable advice that will help you take your pronunciation and spoken fluency to the next level.

Whichever package you choose, I know that you’ll find so much value in this first ever Eat Sleep Dream English online course. Now watch the video to learn more.

What’s in my pronunciation course?



Introduction to British English accents


Module 1

The anatomy of sounds and the IPA chart

Module 2

The 11 key sounds of modern RP


Module 3

Teacher Tom’s guide to connected speech

Module 4

The stress and intonation masterplan

Module 5

The differences between British and American English

Want to see inside the course?

Watch this sample lesson to learn how the course is structured. I’ll also show you an actual lesson from the course.

Finally, I’ll take you behind the scenes and show you what the Private Instagram community looks like. (The Instagram community has closed and has been replaced by Private Coaching with Teacher Tom)

Course objectives


improve your spoken English fluency


communicate with more confidence and clarity


take your English pronunciation to the next level


“This quintessential British English pronunciation course is simply perfect. The secret of its quality and dynamism is Teacher Tom who is so passionate and charismatic about teaching English that is able, like nobody else, to easily spread his enthusiasm to his students. This course has excelled my high expectations and has unveiled many of the best kept secrets of British pronunciation. I am so satisfied to have been a part of it. Thanks for everything, Tom.”

Eric, Spain

“Your pronunciation course was brilliant. Thank you for your kindness, your knowledge, your patience, your time and everything.”
Anett, Hungry

“I fell in love with British accents thanks to you! No teacher inspired me more than you did. I promise to keep this inspiration!”
Lily, Belarus

“When I saw this course I didn’t have any doubt that I had to take it. It was exactly what I was looking for. I knew I had to focus on my pronunciation skills.

Thank you for all your help, your tips, your patience and for being caring, understanding and committed. You are a great teacher.”

Alejandra, Argentina

“Thank you so so much for such a complete, helpful and enjoyable British pronunciation course.”

Giulia, Italy


What level is this English pronunciation course for?
B1 and above
Do the videos have subtitles?
How long do I have access to the videos?
You have lifetime access
Can I study on my mobile phone or tablet?
Yes, this course is accessible on both
What does the online community involve?
You will get access to daily posts, weekly live Q&As with Teacher Tom and the chance to get feedback on your voice recordings. The online community is active for 6 weeks only but you will continue to have access to the course videos for as long as you want.
Can I access the online community with the standard package?
No. The online community is only available with the Super Dreamer package
How long is the course?
There is an introductory module and then another 5 core modules. In total there are over 50 videos + PDFs. The videos can run from 4 minutes through to 14 minutes. How long the course takes is completely up to you but the minimum I’d recommend would be 2-3 hours a week for 6 weeks.